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A Change of Address

  We've Moved! Oh the times are a changin'! The mood to update the blog has struck, so along with a new look comes a new web address. That's right folks, no more pesky "" to type when you come looking for your Knoxville history fix. The new URL is simply The old address will still get you here and to the archived entries. *the above photo is a glimpse into what's coming in the next installment!

The 300 Block of Gay Street, West Side - The Gaps of Gay Street Part 5

Looky here, looky here! It's the return of Knoxville Lost and Found! My apologies for the long delay, readers, but your humble history blogger has been very busy in the new dad department. When we had our first child over two years ago, the blog slowed down. When we had our second, it ground to a halt. But Knoxville, you need to know your history so I have returned to take us to the surface parking and empty lots of the city. We're going back in the time machine to look at the lost buildings of Knoxville past starting with the fifth installment of the "Gaps of Gay Street." To recap, we started in the giant hole next to Mast General Store, here . We followed up, just to the north of the Century Building here . Next, we crossed Summit Hill to the Cradle of Country Music Park and discussed the long gone 200 block here . And last time, last year, we crossed Gay Street to start moving south and looked at the west side of the 200 block here . This time we have walked a li