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414 W. Church Avenue

Church Avenue might seem an enigma to most modern day residents of Knoxville. Under the name Church Ave., it extends from Hall of Fame Drive west to Henley Street. In the stretch, one comes across only one church, First Presbyterian. It, however, faces State Street, so really there are no churches facing Church Avenue. What makes things even more confusing is that Church Street United Methodist Church, is on Henley Street, two blocks south of Church Avenue. Obviously this wasn't always the case. Church Street Methodist, was once located on Church Avenue, as were several other churches. Church Avenue was once a thriving thoroughfare teaming with residences and businesses (and of course, churches). Today, however, one might argue that Church  Avenue has seen more demolition than any other street in downtown Knoxville. Every block of Church Avenue has suffered from demolition and, excepting the block where the Knoxville Hilton stands, each now sports a surface parking lot. Our subje