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Thanks Metro Pulse!

Wow, I had no idea that when I opened the fresh, recently pressed Metro Pulse I would see this blog in the Blog of the Week section. What an honor and a boost to the historic preservation awareness campaign here in Knoxville! I can't wait to get the next entry out next week. It has required a lot of "field research". Stay tuned.

618 S. Gay Street - The Arcade Building

OK, I will admit something. I write a sometimes depressing blog. It focuses on grand structures and spaces that once existed in the fair city of Knoxville, but which have fallen under the weight of the wrecking ball. I do this for a reason; awareness. My goal is to make the residents of this place recognize what all we have lost to misguided notions of progress, in order to prevent further losses. It seems like a never ending battle. Just when we think things are looking up for historic preservation, another demolition is put on the table (i.e. the row houses on Walnut St. or the Victorian houses on White Ave.). These places are irreplaceable, meaning once they are gone they are gone for good. For that reason, it took some convincing to get me to write this entry. This wasn't because the subject property wasn't grand or significant, but because it hadn't been leveled, paved, and striped. It hadn't even burned down (Leola Manning's Arcade Building Moan is about ano