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A long hiatus; demotivation

I have not written a blog post since August. That is not to say that I haven't started a few and then stopped. When I started this blog, my mission was clear. I wanted to make the people of Knoxville aware of what rich treasures we have lost, in the hope of avoiding further losses. Well, 2013 was perhaps the worst year in decades for historic preservation in Knoxville.  Frankly, I have become a bit demotivated by all that his been destroyed this year. Aconda Court Temple Court Stokely Athletic Center W.H. Obenour House (The UT Black Cultural Center) The Magnolia (please excuse the picture quality) The Mack Truck Dealership on Depot (Industrial Belt and Supply) - lost to fire The Walnut Street Townhouses The Walnut Street buildings were a particularly harsh blow to the preservation effort in Knoxville, and to me personally as they were the buildings that prompted me to start this blog. There have been some other demolitions that most folks won't f