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Changes - Gay Street at Clinch (The 700 Block)

Here we find ourselves standing on the eastern sidewalk of the 600 block of Gay St. looking northwest, through the Clinch Avenue intersection, to the western side of the 500 block. Oh, how much has changed since this shot from the 1920's! 1920's 2013 Let's count the changes - On Gay Street itself - the street cars are gone, as are the platforms and the traffic tower. Now, from left to right. 1) The 1875 building and then the Fouche block have both been replaced by the East Tennessee History Center.  2) Holston National Bank is still there, but it is now the Holston, a condominium development. 3)The next seven storefronts including the Bond Brother's Building (clothing store) which housed  Hanover Shoes and Wormser Hat Shop; the Fred Breeden Barber shop and Economy Drugs and Tea Room; Hope Gift Shop along with the Hope Bros. clock; O'Neils Cafe; and the Queen Theatre have all been replaced by the Krutch Park extension.  4) The l